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Duct Cleaning

Moore & Russell Heating is proud to announce that we have added duct cleaning to the list of services we offer our customers.  We have teamed up with Modern PURAIR® to provide furnace and air duct cleaning.  Modern PURAIR® uses a portable HEPA-like vacuum technolgy as well as its exclusive PUR CURx® Contact Cleaning Scrub System that actually scrubs all 4 sides of your duct system eliminating dirt, dust and debris built up in your home's air duct system. By using this trademarked cleaning system, they are able to show you exactly what comes out of your home's air duct system, and offer an exclusive 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 

It is recommended that the average residential home have their ducts cleaned every 2-3 years.  Older homes usually contain dirty and dusty furnace filters, duct registers, stagnant dust holding odors and constant dust build-up throughout the home. These are all just a few a signs indicating your HVAC system needs to be cleaned.

It is also beneficial for newly built homes to have their ducts cleaned.  New home HVAC systems usually contain post construction debris and chemical contaminates which then, are distributed throughout the air duct system and released into your indoor air.

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