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Air Quality Tips for Pet Owners


How do you keep pet dander and hair under control? Do furnace filters make a difference?

Shedding is one of the least convenient parts of owning a cat, dog, or a gerbil. Most pets will spread their hair or fur all over your flooring and fabrics. Even hypoallergenic dogs and cats will still spread dander (a term for old skin cells) that can bother those with allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues.

However, you can harness the power of your HVAC system to help clean the dander from your home and get pristine air quality while you’re at it.

Do Furnace Filters Make a Difference?

A new, or recently cleaned furnace filter will collect pet hair from your home. In fact, one of the primary factors that determine how often you should clean your filter is how many pets you own and how much they shed.

Owners of multiple big dogs, especially if they have long coats, may need to clean their filter every three months. If you own a single cat, cleaning your filter every six months will help keep your air quality high.

A better filter can collect not just pet hair, but also their dander, and other airway irritants you may have in your home. Upgrade to a HEPA Filter and you’ll see the difference right away. These filters are so powerful they can capture dust and 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. That’s small enough for pet dander!

Pet Grooming Tips for Air Quality

Of course, using your HVAC system isn’t the only way to pick up your pet’s hair and dander. There are several other ways that you can reduce the burden of hair and dander in your home:

  • Buy a special brush: The latest pet brushes are designed to pick up hair from your dog or cat much more efficiently than a typical bristle brush would.
  • Use it outside: If you’re walking through the dog park and find big clumps of dog hair, they have been left by a clever owner who does their brushing outdoors. This way, the dander that brushing releases never has the chance to get into the home.
  • Regular bathing: Dogs, ferrets, and essentially all pets (except for cats) can be trained to enjoy bath time. Baths collect dander and pull it down the drain. They also loosen hair up, so it’s best to schedule your brushing for after bath time.

HVAC Maintenance

If you have pets, especially those that shed, it is especially important to maintain your HVAC system. The pet hair will wear on your system (not just the filter, but the ducts too) if it is not cleaned regularly.

Better air quality is possible. To get started, adjust your pet grooming routine, choose the best furnace filters for your system, clean your furnace filters and ducts regularly and you’ll soon notice a difference in your air quality!

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