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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades Coquitlam

In need of an electrical panel upgrade in your Coquitlam home? You’ve come to the right place! Moore & Russell Heating and Air Conditioning is the leading HVAC company in the Greater Vancouver Area, which means you can always trust us to provide quality electrical services, including electrical panel upgrades.

Moore & Russell Heating and Air Conditioning consists of a team of fully licensed and certified electricians, each of whom is an expert in the art of electrical panel repairs and replacements.

To ensure your home is a safe place for all who live there, upgrading your electrical panel may be necessary. Luckily, Moore & Russell Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in electrical panel upgrades. Our technicians promise to get the job done quickly and seamlessly. So whether you’ve started to notice the telltale signs of bad wiring, you live in an old home, or your home is undergoing a renovation, the Moore & Russell team is happy to help with your electrical panel upgrade.

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FAQs about electrical panel upgrades in the Greater Vancouver Area

What are the signs you might need an electrical panel upgrade?

It can be difficult to determine whether your home’s electrical panel needs an upgrade. To make it easier for Greater Vancouver Area homeowners, we’ve put together a list of the most common signs that it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel.

They are as follows:

  • Your electrical panel is hot
  • Your electrical panel has not been upgraded in over 20 years
  • You are still using a fuse box
  • It smells like something is burning
  • You feel small electrical shocks when touching appliances
  • Your lights are constantly dimming or flickering
  • Using your appliances causes your lights to dim or flicker
  • Small acts like using your appliances trip the breaker or blow the fuse
  • Your breaker will not reset
  • You’re using more electricity than your home was built for (for example, there are only one or two outlets in each room, leaving you to rely on power strips and extension cords throughout much of the home)
  • You can see signs of melting, burning, or discoloration, such as scorch marks, on your electrical panel or electrical outlets

If, after learning about these telltale signs, you still aren’t sure whether your Greater Vancouver Area home’s electrical panel requires an upgrade, contact Moore & Russell Heating and Air Conditioning today. One of our knowledgeable and friendly technicians will be happy to inspect your home and offer their professional opinion regarding any necessary electrical work.

What to consider when upgrading your home’s electrical panel?

Greater Vancouver Area homeowners may consider a variety of factors when upgrading their home’s electrical panel. First, you will need to decide whether it’s worth upgrading your home’s electrical panel. If you’ve noticed the telltale signs, such as flickering lights or scorch marks on your power outlets, then it’s likely time for an upgrade. Once you’ve made the decision to replace your electrical panel, you must also consider which amperage you would like for your new electrical panel (100, 150, 200, 400, etc…) and which HVAC company to hire to install your new panel.

Why should you replace your home’s electrical panel?

There are many reasons that Greater Vancouver Area homeowners may choose to replace their home’s electrical panel. First and foremost, replacing your electrical panel may be a matter of safety. If you’ve started to notice the telltale signs of an electrical panel that’s near the end of its life, such as heat, sparking, or scorch marks, it’s critical to contact a trusted electrician as soon as possible. If you choose to do nothing after noticing these signs, your existing electrical panel could become overloaded and cause an electrical fire. To protect your family, home, and all of your belongings from the safety hazards that an old electrical panel can pose, you may need to have your panel replaced.

Another reason Greater Vancouver Area homeowners may wish to replace their home’s electrical panel is for efficiency. An old electrical panel does not provide a sufficient amount of electrical current to suit your lifestyle. If your electrical panel is older, it likely wasn’t designed with modern usage in mind. Nowadays, with televisions in every room, laptops being charged all day long, not to mention kitchen appliances, washers, dryers, and more, Canadians use far less electricity than they once did. Without enough electricity, your outlets and appliances can easily become overloaded. In addition, if your home is older, it may have minimal power outlets which is simply inconvenient in the modern world. Therefore, a second reason you may wish to replace your electrical panel is to increase the amount of electrical current in your home.

Third, replacing your home’s electrical panel may boost the property value of your home. If you’re a Greater Vancouver Area homeowner thinking of selling your property in the near future, upgrading your electrical panel could increase the value of your home. Buyers want turnkey homes, so if you put your home on the market and it’s clearly in need of electrical upgrades, this could be a turn-off. Alternatively, upgrading your home’s electrical panel is one way to show prospective buyers that your home is up to scratch and will require minimal, if any, renovations.

Finally, it’s important to note that as a general rule of thumb, electrical panels should be replaced every 25 to 40 years. So if you’re living in an older house or have been living in the same house for decades, it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel.

Choose Moore & Russell Heating and Air Conditioning for your Greater Vancouver Area electrical panel upgrade

If you’ve decided it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade or want a professional opinion, contact Moore & Russell Heating and Air Conditioning today. We have been providing Greater Vancouver Area homeowners with quality electrical panel upgrades since the beginning, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  

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  • “I have never before dealt with such knowledgeable, honest and respectful tradesmen. They were quick, efficient and fairly priced.  I’ll definitely be using Moore and Russell again for all of my future plumbing jobs.” - Danielle W.
  • “They were just wonderful, respectful in our home, answered all our questions and went above and beyond with certain special requests we had. The install was done flawlessly and we look forward to comfort in the seasons ahead.” - Renee B.
  • “On time, done early, and minimized the mess in and around our home. We couldn't believe they did an entire Heat Pump + Furnace installation in one day. Thanks for a great install guys!” - Dave D.
  • “They showed up on time and were very professional. They explained in details about what they plan to do, what the work scope entails, and they answered all my questions/concerns before they started the work.” - John W.
  • “They showed up on time and were very professional. They explained in details about what they plan to do, what the work scope entails, and they answered all my questions/concerns before they started the work.” - John W.
  • “Mardin and Foad, the installers, showed up right on time and executed the installation perfectly. Everything went smoothly, and the unit is working wonderfully.” - Shahdad M.

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