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Humidifiers in Vancouver | Keep Your Home Comfortable


Do you keep a humidifier in the bedroom through the winter? In the kids’ bedrooms? Anywhere else in the house?

Some families leave space for a humidifier in every room, filling them all every day and going room to room before bed, turning each unit on individually.

It’s not the most practical system, eating up time every night and space in every room, but at least it stops the skin on your hands from cracking painfully all winter long.

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Other families invest in a whole house humidifier that automatically refills its reservoir and keeps the entire house comfortable with almost no upkeep necessary.

It’s convenient, affordable and quick for us to install.

Humidity is good for your home.

Humid conditions are more favourable to everybody and everything in your house – pets and plants included.

Plants in humid environments thrive. They scrub the air more efficiently and display better overall health. This is as true for the plants in your home as it is for Palla trees in the Amazon.

Plants help filter contaminants out of the air at home, fending off air contaminants that contribute to cold and flu season.

Humid air also helps reduce the pain of cold and flu season.

Low humidity makes your body more susceptible to cold and flu viruses. Studies show a direct correlation between high humidity and low flu infections.

Emergency service is available 24/7. When you need us, we’re there.

We also sleep better with a little humidity in the air. It keeps your nasal passages clear and healthy and helps take care of your sinuses. Humidity reduces the possibility of infection by keeping our mucous membranes moist and allowing the hairs in the sinus to trap and expel things that aren’t supposed to be there.

Humidity also keeps your skin from cracking (well, it contributes to softer skin. You probably still have to use a moisturizer in the winter).

Humidifiers help save money too.

Maybe the most compelling benefit of a whole house humidifier is the impact on heating bills.

Moist air feels warmer than dry air at the exact same temperature. A properly-sized humidifier (and don’t worry, we can help you decide which humidifier fits the size of your house) allows you to run the furnace at a lower temperature all winter.

For every degree you lower your current thermostat setting, your bill reduces by 4%.

That can account for a few hundred dollars in savings across the winter.

What humidifier is the best fit for your house?

A whole house humidifier will keep the humidity even across your whole house.

It requires less maintenance and way, way, way less daily work than your current solution (if you move around a bunch of smaller units). You can even sign up for a protection plan so we take care of it and you can rest easy knowing your family, home and wallet are in good hands.

Call us today to talk about your options and find out if this is the right addition to your home comfort system this winter.

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