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Why Are My Energy Bills in Vancouver So Expensive?


To Spend Less Cooling Your House With AC Maintenance

Families in Vancouver have the same problem as families across Ontario.

Keeping the house cool when the temperature gets above 30C can get expensive, so you do everything you can to avoid turning the AC on.

But chances are you just delay putting the AC on until later, and in the meantime everybody gets sweaty and uncomfortable inside.

If running the AC is inevitable, the best way to insulate yourself from shockingly expensive bills is to make sure your AC clean and efficient.

Annual maintenance makes your AC it’s best possible self, and save you money over the summer when you have to run the Ac to keep the family comfortable.

How does it help?

Greater energy efficiency

Your air conditioner is responsible for about half your energy use.

Annual maintenance helps you find all the little kinks that developed in your air conditioner over the last year and clean them out. Inefficiencies can cost you hundreds of dollars through the summer. When you get those inefficiencies fixed, you can run your air conditioner at the same setting for less money.

Often, air conditioner maintenance pays for itself in simple monthly savings over the summer.

Energy costs enough already, don’t waste money on repairing your AC

AC breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive – much more expensive than maintenance (and much more expensive than running your AC efficiently for the whole summer).

You can’t predict when your air conditioner will break down, so it makes sense to do everything you can to avert one before it happens.

Maintenance gives us a chance to check out the condition of your entire air conditioner. If something looks like it might cause a problem 6 months from now, we’ll fix it today.

When something in your AC breaks down catastrophically, it often causes a chain reaction within the system, resulting in multiple part replacements and significant cost increases.

You shouldn’t have to pay the excessive cost of cooling your house with an inefficient (unmaintained) AC and also pay for a repair in the middle of the season.

Maintenance helps you avoid repair expenses and saves you money running your AC daily.

Spend less on daily cooling, don’t pay for expensive repairs and keep your AC longer

A new air conditioner is a big expense.

On top of paying expensive utility rates to keep your home cool, you shouldn’t have to squirrel away money here and there to buy a new air conditioner 10 years down the road.

Every time you get AC maintenance, you extend the useful life of your current air conditioner.

Some families keeping up with maintenance have kept the same air conditioner for 18 years! When you’re stuck paying current utility rates, focus on long term savings.

Maintaining your air conditioner saves you thousands of dollars on a new AC purchase, and that cash flow you save over the years will be a huge help toward paying your cooling bills.

Your energy bills in Vancouver are so expensive because, well, that’s what we’re all stuck with.

But you can fight back against the expense by keeping your cooling system healthy and efficient.

Air conditioner maintenance is your best defense against growing utility costs.

It’s not too late to benefit from AC maintenance this summer. There are months of hot weather ahead, and you can save hundreds of dollars for your family.

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