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Should I leave my heat pump on all the time

Heat pump

Heat pumps are an innovative HVAC system that offers homeowners the benefits of heating and cooling from a single unit, rather than separate appliances. Because of this, it's common for homeowners to question whether or not it's possible to have the heat pumps work all the time without excessive energy waste.

Luckily, the team from Moore and Russell is here to help you feel comfortable in your home by teaching you the right way to use your heat pump and save money doing so. Stick around for more information on how your heat pump works!

Is it bad to leave the heat pump on all the time?

In most cases, yes, it isn't the best idea to have your heat pump work 24 hours a day in an attempt to keep your home comfortable temperature for many reasons. Let's take a closer look:

Your heat pumps will experience accelerated wear and tear

If your heat pumps work around the clock to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, it can lead to more wear and tear on your equipment. Over time, this accelerated wear and tear can cause your appliance to work less efficiently and lead to a world of problems that will inevitably lead to costly repairs and the need to have a new heat pump installed in your home prematurely.

Keeping a heat pump running constantly leads to more energy use

Leaving your heat pump on all day can also lead to more energy usage over time, which will cost you more money on your utility costs each month. If you want to use less energy while maintaining the perfect temperature range indoors, you'll need to learn your heat pump settings and adjust them according to your daily schedule and indoor comfort preferences.

Is it cheaper to leave the heat pump on or turn off?

This depends depends on various factors, including your local climate, energy prices in the area, and the efficiency rating of your heat pump.

For example, in milder climates, where temperatures don't fluctuate as much, leaving the heat pump on at a constant temperature can be more cost-effective. This allows the heat pump to maintain a steady temperature without needing to work hard to reheat or cool the space when you're at home.

However, in colder climates or during times where you're away from your house for long periods of time, turning off the heat pump or lowering the thermostat significantly can save energy and reduce costs.

Should you turn down your heat pump at night?

It depends on your personal preferences. Some people enjoy heating their space at night and prefer a warmer room while they are asleep, while others prefer their room to be cool at night. The best thing you can do is play around with the temperatures on your thermostat and choose a temperature that balances comfort without using more energy. You may also want to have a programmable thermostat installed as it will allow you to have more control over your air circulation and indoor temperature range.

What is the most efficient way to use a heat pump?

To use your heat pump correctly during the summer and winter, we recommend installing a smart thermostat that allows you to set temperature schedules for your unit based on your daily schedule.

For example, you may want to leave your heat pump at a lower temperature setting during the winter while you're away from your property, or at night while you're sleeping. By doing so, you can remain energy efficient and only use your heat pump when you're indoors and want to keep your home warm.

You can experiment with temperatures that work best for you. Some people like keeping their house cool at night as it helps them sleep better, while others prefer to keep their house warmer overnight in the wintertime.

In contrast, when your heat pump is in it's summer mode, consider setting it to a higher temperature setting when you're away or overnight.

It's also important to mention that homeowners should not forget about booking a maintenance appointment for their heat pump to ensure that it remains in good condition year round. Making sure your heat pump systems indoor unit and outdoor unit are energy efficient will ensure you're able to maintain the desired temperature you want in your home without using excessive amounts of electricity to do so.

Further, if you find that your system is still having difficulties remaining energy efficient while it's in its heating or cooling modes, you may want to conduct an examination on your home's insulation. If your home has poor insulation levels, your heat pump systems will need to work harder to maintain your ideal temperature in your space. This in turn will use higher levels of energy and increase your electricity bills.

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Moore and Russell Heating and Air Conditioning is your go-to source for heat pump system services, whether you're in need of a repair, maintenance or the installation of new heating and cooling system.

Our certified technicians are available 24/7/365 days a year including after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no extra cost! Same-day emergency repair services are also available to you can get your heat pump running optimally again in no time during the winter and summer.

Thinking of a heat pump installation? Book a consultation with a home comfort advisor to learn more about our different heat pump models! If the cost of a new heat pump is something you're concerned about, don't worry. Moore and Russell are pleased to offer a section of discounts and financing options that can help you save money when installing your new heat pump! All consultations include a complimentary estimate as well!

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